executive producer + film editor — well received by target audience. delivered exciting themes, while delivering announcements to school during closing months.

the awards ceremony at west morris — june 2020

executive producer + film editor — compiled pre-recorded footage into an hour long presentation, recognizing students of the class of 2020.

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the ceremony of the national honor society at west morris — november 2020

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director, producer and editor — compiled footage professionally shot into 37 minute induction ceremony, while also editing 86 one-minute teacher made recognition videos.

hi, i'm basil!

freelance film editor, director + producer​​

west morris central high school virtual morning announcements — march to june 2020

with over five years experience in film, basil is currently a high school senior whose passion for film production and editing has fueled his passion for establishing a career in the field.

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basil iacampo (that's me!)

freelance editor, director + producer

based in morris county, nj


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